July 20, 2017


Odoo is a suite of business apps written in Python and released under the AGPL License. It is used by 2 million users worldwide to manage companies of all different sizes. The main Odoo components are the server, 260 core modules (also called official modules) and around 4000 community modules.

Odoo was formerly known as OpenERP until May 2014. It was rebranded because version 8 of the software included apps including website builder, e-commerce, point of sale and business intelligence. The software conforms to standard expectations of ERP systems, while providing additional modules beyond the coverage of traditional ERP systems.

The official Odoo apps are organized in 6 groups:

  • Front-end apps: website builder, blog, e-commerce
  • Sales management apps: CRM, point of sales, quotation builder
  • Business operations apps: project management, inventory, manufacturing, accounting and purchase
  • Marketing apps: mass mailing, lead automation, events, survey, forum, live chat
  • Human Resources apps: employee directory, enterprise social network, leaves management, timesheet, fleet management
  • Productivity apps: business intelligence, instant messaging, notes

odoo Explained

odoo 8.0 Modules

Odoo is a Business Application Suite that Beautiful, Powerful, Integrated, Open Source and Trusted by Thousand of Business Worldwide.


All you need to run your business


Boost sales productivity, improve win rates, grow revenue


Automate procurements, control products and invoicing


A revolutionary double entry inventory system


Manage Bill of Materials, Plan Manufacturing Orders, Track Work Orders

Project Management

Get things done together

Human Resources

Manage people, the most important assets in your company


This is a complete document management system.

Our Products

accountingAccounting & Finance: Record your operations in a few clicks and manage all your financial activities in one place. Managing Accounting and Financial operations has never been easier.

crmCRM: Open ERP CRM allows you to track your best leads and opportunities. You can customize your sales cycle, control statistics and forecasts and setup marketing campaign automation to improve sales performance.

purchasePurchase: Simply create and track your purchase orders, manage your suppliers information, control your products reception process and check suppliers invoices.

warehouseWarehouse: OpenERP invented the double-entry inventory management system which allows to managing complex needs very easily: tracking stocks, full traceability, accounting links, etc

manufacturingManufacturing: Plan and control your supply chain through the Manufacturing module. Personalize your master data, configure planning, manage manufacturing and work orders

projectmanagementProject: Keep track and manage your projects using tasks for short term project execution or plan phases for long term planning.

humanresourceHuman Resources: Manage the most important asset in your company with our module for personnel information management, leave, time tracking, attendance, expenses, payroll, periodic evaluations, and recruitment.

Analytics Reports

Multi-Level Analytic Accounting

Integrate your Analytic accounting operations with timesheets, projects, invoices, expense, etc. No need to record transactions, all analytic entries are posted automatically following your business rules.

Dashboard & KPIs

Get direct access to key information with dynamic and customizable dashboards. Analyse your financial activities with the drill-up, drill down, drill-across and filter features.

Reporting and Dashboards

Get access to the right information to take smart decisions

Get the insights you need to make smarter decisions. Design custom dashboards to get a picture of your business at a glance. Dig deeper with real-time reports that anyone can create and share.

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