August 17, 2017
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Welcome to Innotek

We are ERP Specialist in Business Management System utilizing Odoo Platform

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Integrated Business Applications that are web friendly:







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Document Management System

Manage your Documents in one Platform – ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14000, Balance ScoreCard, HACCP

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Customer Relationship Management

Track and Analyse your Customer Inquiries, Quotation, and Sales Order all in one platform

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Optimization of Business Process & Development of Customized Modules

Innotek designs your business process and optimize it to reduce your operational costs; we also customised modules to meet your business needs.

Welcome to Innotek

Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and web based Document Management System (DMS) Consultant

We offer services in designing and developing Odoo (OpenERP) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and web based ISO document management system in Indonesia and globally. Our applications are for small and medium enterprise with modules ranging from Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Manufacturing Management (MRP), Documentation Management System (DMS), Accounting Management, Project Management, Purchase Management, and Human Resource Management (HRM).

Our focus is small and medium enterprise in the manufacturing and real estate industry. We are partnering with Adsoft, who is expert in ERP implementation project for our project implementation and Premysis Consulting, who is expert in Business Management System such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO14000, Balance Score Card (BSC), and HACCP for our ISO DMS implementatiion. This records management and electronic document management system is web based, which means that you will be able to access all of your records and documents while you are on the go!

What is odoo 8.0

Odoo is a Business Application Suite that Beautiful, Powerful, Integrated, Open Source and Trusted by Thousand of Business Worldwide.


All you need to run your business


Boost sales productivity, improve win rates, grow revenue


Automate procurements, control products and invoicing


A revolutionary double entry inventory system


Manage Bill of Materials, Plan Manufacturing Orders, Track Work Orders

Project Management

Get things done together

Human Resources

Manage people, the most important assets in your company


This is a complete document management system.

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Our Services

Design & Development
Support & Maintenance
We designed your entire business processes and develop custom business applications that meet your requirements See Detail
We migrate data from your existing applications into your Odoo System See Detail
We solve your bugs and issues during system deployment See Detail

Why Us?

We help you keep winning ahead your competitor by having the right implementation of ERP solution There are many advantages if you entrust Innotek for the implementation of ERP solution by using  Odoo, some of which are:

  • You are served by a company with partners that is experienced in the implementation of ERP and business system solutions since 1998.
  • We have Understanding of business best practice that related to the ERP implementation
  • Our Consultants are experienced and specialized in various modules of ERP applications as well as in different business industries
  • Our support service enables customers to post any inquiries all online
  • You will get our comprehensive services with our strategy

Our Vision

We aspire to become a knowledge and trustworthy organization that could empower Indonesian business and their users through effective data management, information gathering, and integrated business operations. We always believe that real-time analytical tools would not only empower our people, but also our economy.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to design and develop integrated business system that makes it easy for businesses to store, organize, and access their data and process the data into valuable information. By making it easy for users to access their data and information, we are making businesses more competitive. We want to develop our people, our clients, and our partners.

Our Core Value

  1. Quality Systems: Quality Business System must fulfill at the necessary user requirements and perform with strong consistency and stability. Web believe in building high quality business system that delivers the most efficient processes and provides users with the information necessary to improve their daily operations and decision making.
  2. Value: For its added values, our product should come at an affordable price. We believe that a great system should be affordable to all businesses.
  3. Delivery: Careful project planning and control is our top priority. Our commitment is to always delivery each project on time, and within the proposed budget.

Our Team

Our team is experts in ERP implementation projects. We work with passion to deliver each projects with the best quality and competitive pricings. We are some very enthusiastic people. Thus, let us introduce ourselves.


Iman Sulaiman

President Director

Iman Sulaiman graduated from Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi majoring in Economics in 2014 and graduated from Budi Luhur University majoring Management Informatics in 1999.

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Vina Valencia


Vina Valencia graduated from Simon Fraser University, Canada with Bachelor of Business Administration in 2006. She is specialized in Management Information System. She successfully completed Certificate in Computer Systems and Network Fundamentals from British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada.

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Agung Hario

Senior Programmer and Project Manager

Agung Hario graduated from STIKOM Surabaya.

Agung has previously developed Document Management System at Wonokoyo with OpenERP

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Sariwati Laksmono

Senior System Consultant

Sariwati Laksmono received Bachelor degree of Informatics (S.Kom) from Petra Christian University. She is specialized in ERP System.

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Ditya Anggara

Intermediate Programmer

Ditya Anggara graduated from UPN Veteran “JATIM” Surabaya.

Ditya Anggara has experience in PHP and client Web program, Visual Basic 6.0 and android Java Programing Language, intermediete in VB script, Delphi 7.0, .net programing(example:VB .net, ASP .net) , Begginer in Python, Ruby rails, and ORM ERP OpenERP, intermediete in sql Language database and begginer in no sql langunge database(example: mongodb etc)

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Okky Permana


Okky Permana is PENS (Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya) majoring in informatics engineering. Okky is specialized in Computer & Mobile Programming and Open Source Network Engineer.

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Robbin Kristanto Tanzil

Business Analyst

Robbin Kristanto Tanzil received Bachelor degree of Informatics (S.Kom) from Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Surabaya. He is specialized analyst in ERP System.

Robbin has worked as Senior Programmer and functionality in Bizoft Enterprise. That Project become Analyst System for PT. Multisari.

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Niswatus Syuyukhoh


Niswatus Syuyukhoh is student in ITS Surabaya (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya) majoring in mathematics. Niswa is specialized in Computer Science.

Niswatus Syuyukhoh has experience in PHP Web program, Java Programing Language, with using SQLServer and MySQL database.

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Our Partners

OpenERP Partner specializes in providing OpenERP Consulting, Development, Support and Training for Enterprises in Indonesia and Malaysia, leveraging packaged open source software which provides significant benefits over proprietary software including customizability, scalability, ease of use and low total cost of ownership.
Premysis Consulting is a management consulting firm dedicated to support organizations in all sectors of business, industry and government, in envisioning change as well as undertaking change initiatives.

Odoo Clients & Clients We Work With

What Odoo Customers Say

The Voice of the Partner: IT IS

“I would recommend Odoo to end-customers as I see a couple of advantages for their particular businesses. If you are a small business owner, you have the particular modules that you can run out of the box, you have the SAAS offering on the one hand side. If you are a mid-sized company where you have some customizations, you can do that, you have a partner network which is really set up and can really deliver on those kind of premises… It’s a strong community, so it’s really an added value for the customer.”
Joe Lorenz, CEO of IT IS

The Voice of the Partner: Omnia Solutions

“We chose Odoo because we saw the power of Python which is a language that allows you to do very nice stuff. It’s easy to do modules and customize stuff for customers. It allows you to solve any problem you have…
Odoo is easy, fast and beautiful. It’s a product that has a future and it grows very fast. It allows you to solve your problems immediately.”
Matteo Boscolo, Co-founder of Omnia Solutions

The Voice of the Partner: URSA

With Odoo, you have the freedom. Freedom of having the source code, the freedom to modify it, the freedom to share with others… I think that’s really important. Similarly, what comes right along with that is flexibility and the comprehensiveness, all the different areas that Odoo covers.
Gregory Mader, President at URSA

The Voice of the Partner: Dynapps

“We recommend Odoo for smaller companies because it’s flexible and it’s open source so there is less investment to do. Users can learn to work with Odoo very quickly because it’s very intuitive.”
Karel Hendrickx, Managing Partner at Dynapps

The Voice of the Partner: BHC

“Many words could be used to describe Odoo but the most important for me are easy to use for clients. Flexible – we have a tool which is on the one hand ready to use, and on the other hand we can fully personalize it. For me these are the two really important things.”
Nicolas Doclot, Project Manager at BHC

The Voice of the Partner: Acsone

“Odoo platform is very well done and it;s flexible, so we decided to have Odoo as a platform to develop business applications for our customers. We started a real business with Odoo. We have a competency centre making projects for different kind of customers.”
Philippe Fontaine, Managing Director at Acsone

The Voice of the Partner: Rackoon

“We have a strong experience for many years with installing Odoo – We already did more than thousands of installations of Odoo. We know how to install this system and our team is working on optimizing the installation.”
Rob Gielen, Consultant at Rackoon
“We have chosen Odoo because it’s a great toool and we  can see the visionary CEO and we believe in this vision and that this software is a way to go.”
Nick Wouters , Director at Rackoon

The Voice of the Partner: Eezee-It

“It’s a super experience. As I said we started five years ago with 1 client and after that 5 clients, then 10. We hired more employees. Unlike some partners, we created Eezee-it solely around Odoo. It’s our core business, we don’t do anything else. The experience has been extremely positive. We are Gold Partners with small and medium customers and also large customers with 200 or 400 users daily.”
Nicolas Rigo, co-founder of Eezee-It

The Voice of the Partner: Audaxis

“Today Odoo is a company that makes a buzz. Odoo does this smartly and in several areas, for instance it is novel. We really feel that there is a lot of internal activity at Odoo or in the partners network, which is really productive and interesting with their different skills.
Jean-Luc Delsaute, Practice Manager at Audaxis

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